Heather (second from left) is a lifelong animal lover and tries to be conscious of the environment and the impact humanity has on our planet.  When Heather learned of goat brush-clearing (through a casual conversation with a friend) a cognitive seed was planted and the research began.  What began as a novel idea soon became a reality.  With the help of The Goat Girls in Amherst, MA, Heather was offered an apprenticeship to learn the ropes, including how to best care for these hard-working versatile animals.  The goats were adopted through The Goat Girls and Denbow Acres farm in Berwick, Maine.  The goats are cared for on-site by a local livestock vet and are sincerely loved!  

Heather has a history of working with animals.  She previously worked at an animal clinic in Arlington, MA and currently owns a dog walking and pet-care business, Paws on the Go.  She has a long history of entrepreneurship, starting with a hostel she opened in Charleston, SC in 2002.  Her combination of creativity, innovation, and animal kinship makes Scapegoats the perfect pursuit.

Scapegoats has a dedicated crew of goat-herders who help Heather set-up jobs and tend to these beloved animals on a daily basis.  You will get to know us as we take you through the Scapegoats experience!