Thank you for another great year!  Scapegoats will have two working herds for 2018.  Contact us for a free consultation!  Season starts in May but questions and bookings are offered year-round.  

Renting goats can eliminate your overgrowth problems including invasive and poisonous plants without the use of harsh chemicals or machinery.  SCAPEGOATS will transport the goats to your property to clear your land of unwanted vegetation while reducing regrowth potential and enriching your soil with nutrients.  Plus it's fun and we can all work together to reduce our carbon hoof print.



     Hardy & Versatile 

Goats are great at getting to the hard-to-reach places.  They are hard-working and strong, friendly, and playful.



When the goats are hard at work, all that is required of you is a fresh supply of water.  The goats will do the rest!

             Cute & Lovable


Renting a herd is not only good for the environment, efficient, and effective but the goats are fun to watch and easy to love!